VD MAIS offers the market the professional solutions to equip manufacturing facilities for production electronics.

Deep knowledge of technological processes and many years of experience in creating production lines allow us to establish an efficient and cost-effective production of electronics in accordance with the needs of the customer.

From small-scale manufacturing and repair section to automated factory lines, from conception to production – we establish and tune the production processes for your business, providing the best equipment and excellent service.

Specialists of our department regularly take trainings at the factories of leading global manufacturers of SMT and soldering equipment and testing tools, which allows us to be the leader in Ukraine in technologies for equipping production sites.


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A typical small-scale production project


Suitable for companies that have installers in the staff and require the operational manufacture of modules using SMT technology.


Features of the solution:

  • Universal magnetic holders of PCBs for screen printer
  • Manual squeegee (metal/polyurethane) for solder paste application on PCBs
  • Installation of various sizes of components, as well as in bulk
  • Installation of components with fine pitch and BGA (optional)
  • Possibility of programming the thermal profile in oven

Equipment characteristics:

  • Overall dimensions of PCB: 425 × 253 mm / 410 × 246 mm
  • Installable components: 0402/0201 (with a micro camera)
  • Performance: 400 … 800 chips per hour (depending on the installer configuration)
  • 4 time stages of soldering in the oven

Max. soldering temperature: 300 °C (suitable for lead-free soldering)

Typical medium-sized production project


Suitable for companies that independently run a series of electronic products in quantities of 100 – 1000 pcs per month.


Features of the solution:

  • Universal system for soldering paste application on PCB in various types of production
  • Adjusting the pressure of each squeegee
  • Adjusting the speed of separation of the PCB and stencil
  • High speed in medium-series production and the accuracy of installation of various components, including BGA
  • Possibility to build a line for installation from an installer and a convection oven
  • 5 and 7 zone configuration of the oven with different types of conveyor, including combined

Equipment characteristics:

  • Maximum printing size: 420х420 mm
  • Overall dimensions of the PCB: 405 × 335 mm / 535х290 mm (for the conveyor system)
  • Mountable components: 0402-45×45 mm or 0201-45×45 mm (optional)
  • Performance: 4500 comp/hour
  • Ability to record up to 100 soldering programs
  • Designed for soldering by lead-free technology
  • High process repeatability

A typical project of a large-scale production of electronics


Suitable for companies ready to invest in batch production of electronics in batches from 10 thousand pieces per month.


Features of the solution:

  • High speed and accuracy
  • Possibility of soldering in a nitrogen environment
  • High-precision automatic optical inspection system
  • Automatic loading and unloading of printed circuit boards
  • Working with multi-layer printed circuit boards
  • From 7 and above zone configuration of the oven with different types of conveyor, including combined

Equipment characteristics:

  • Overall dimensions of PCB: 460 × 400 mm / 740х460 mm / 1200х510 mm (optional)
  • Installable components: from 01005 to 14 mm IR with pitches down to 0.4 mm BGA, CSP with pitches down to 0.65 mm
  • Performance: from 22,000 to 120,000 comp/hour
  • Ability to record up to 100 soldering programs
  • Convection oven is designed for soldering with lead-free technology
  • High process repeatability

Pashchenko Evgen

e.paschenko@vdmais.uaMykhaila Dontsya Street 6, Kyiv+380 (44) 220-01-01, 492-88-52 ext. 1310
Head of Department

Linsky Vitaly

v.linskiy@vdmais.ua+380 (44) 220-01-01, 492-88-52 ext. 1308
Sales Manager