VD MAIS showcases in Nürnberg

Embedded World – the main world exhibition of embedded electronics ended today in the capital of Franconia. VD MAIS represented at the forum high standards of contract manufacturing.

VD MAIS на выставке в Нюрнберге

Undoubtedly, the theme of anxiety in connection with the spread of COVID-19 coronavirus in Europe sounded the refrain of the exhibition. On the eve of the trade fair Mobile World Congress, representative world forum in the field of communications, was canceled. MWC was to be held in Barcelona at the same time as Embedded World in Nuremberg. This news forced a number of exhibitors to withdraw from the trade fair, mainly companies from China, followed by several enterprises from EU and the USA and even a couple of global distributors, but the domino effect did not happen, and the trade fair took place.

The number of visitors, compared with last year’s event, was noticeably less, espacially from China and other Asian countries. The number of visitors from EU has obviously decreased too, but not so dramatically – all three days of the trade fair the Nürnberg Messezentrum’s halls were still quite crowded. Traditionally, there have been many developers – the highlights of the Embedded World in Nuremberg have always been a high concentration of qualified engineers in its halls and direct focus on applied solutions. And, this year was no exception.

A noticeable trend highlighted at the trade fair was the ever higher internationalization of projects in the field of embedded electronics and a high degree of collaboration in projects of diverse enterprises working with software and hardware. The complexity of projects increases as they scale, and accordingly, the responsibility of all project participants increases, which requires coherence, up to building integrated chains that are somewhat similar to the interaction of contractors in the automotive industry.

The second noticeable trend of the trade fair was the growing “shift” of electronics production from China to other countries. Moreover, the point here is not the coronavirus at all, but the complex of long-overdue reasons that compel EOM-manufacturers to diversify risks and place EMS contracts outside the PRC and to consider with interest partnership with enterprises in Central and Eastern Europe. Obviously, in the coming years, the electronic industry is waiting for some reformatting, incl. geographically.

Perhaps this trend has led to increased interest at Embedded World to the modest booth of the scientific-and-production firm VD MAIS, which presented the possibilities of contract manufacturing of electronics. With a noticeable general decrease in the number of visitors in Nuremberg, we faced increased number of targeted visitors.

It is obvious that Europe is gradually ceasing to be alarmed by the Ukrainian origin of electronic industry enterprises – earlier something similar happened in the IT-industry, and today the Ukrainian roots of the software company are, rather, an advantage for potential partners. Today, a similar change is occurring in relation to manufacturing enterprises from Ukraine. In any case, this was evidenced by the contacts at the VD MAIS booth at the trade fair in Nuremberg and the expansion of the company’s international transactions.

Scientific-and-production firm VD MAIS thanks all visitors of the corporate booth, both from Western and Central Europe and from Ukraine, and is confident in the successful development of mutually beneficial cooperation.