2nd Meeting of Ukrainian Automobile Cluster Initiative

VDMAIS took part in a German-Ukrainian conference and in the 2nd meeting of the Ukrainian Automobile Cluster initiative in Lviv.

Заседание Украинского Автомобильного Кластера во Львове

The conference on the development of cooperation between enterprises of Ukraine and Bavaria was organized by the UkrainianGerman Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Deutsch-Ukrainische Auslandshandelskammer, AHK) and the Office of the Federal Land of Bavaria in Ukraine (Büro des Freistaates Bayern in der Ukraine). The event gathered in Grand Hotel Lviv representatives of Ukrainian and German businesses interested in cooperation. Conference reports covered the search for business partners, the organization of interaction with government and non-governmental agencies, participation in social and educational projects etc.

What is the importance of Bavarian experience and cooperation with Bavarian enterprises for Ukraine and Ukrainian business? It’s pretty simple – former backward agrarian region, famous only for its brewing traditions, Bavaria for several decades has become economy #1 in BRD and EU, the locomotive of the European economy and the European center of innovation. “Laptop und Lederhose” – so today the Bavarians are called. They still honor the traditions, which is not in the least conducive to the rapid development of tourism. However, how many people know that not Oktoberfest or, say, famous beer houses form the Munich municipal budget. But do Europe’s largest automotive and IT clusters, as well as over 2,000 high-tech enterprises (electronics, automation, aerospace). They form a core of Isartal conglomeration of high-tech enterprises that are not inferior to Silicon Valley of Californian, Eastern Silicon Valley of Massachusetts or Silicon Island (Northern Kyushu Industrial zone in Japan).

VD MAIS has its own history of cooperation with Bavarian enterprises. This is, of course, the famous Siemens, a global leader in the field of industrial automation and one of the oldest partners of VD MAIS in Ukraine.

This is Rohde & Schwarz, the world’s leader in instrumentation. This is SEHO Systems GmbH, a small company from Lower Franconia, which has become one of the world’s leaders in the automatic soldering systems. Nowadays, SEHO ovens work both on the VD MAIS production lines and on other enterprises of the electronics industry in Ukraine.

Geyer Electronic is an example of a small company from Munich, however, which has become a noticeable value in the global segment of high-precision quartz resonators and generators. VD MAIS cooperates with many large and small Bavarian enterprises.

Also, do not forget that it is in Munich, in a couple of blocks from the English Garden, that the European HQ of Analog Devices is lodging. ADI is one of the largest partners of VD MAIS in the field of digital and analog electronics.

In recent years, VD MAIS regularly participates in the world’s largest electronics exhibitions electronica, productronica и embeddedWorld, held in Munich and Nuremberg. If there is a gate to enter global markets, search for them in Bavaria.

The continuation of the business program of the day in Lviv was the 2nd meeting of Ukrainian Automobile Cluster initiative. The cluster was founded on November 14 last year by the leading suppliers for automotive industry: KOSTAL, LEONI, SEBN, Kromberg & Schubert, VD MAIS and Spheros Elektron at the participation of the Ukrainian-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Then, on the eve of the Ukrainian Automobile Forum, representatives of industry enterprises from different regions of Ukraine gathered in Lviv to discuss and agree on the main goals and future priorities of the cluster initiative.

The second meeting, also held in Lviv (this is becoming a tradition, the third one is also scheduled in Lviv), was devoted to organizational issues, the expansion of UAC, as well as the training of qualified personnel for enterprises of the automotive cluster. During the time that has passed since the first meeting, two projects of dual education has been initiated. VD MAIS is the initiator and partner of one of them.

In addition, issues of interaction with government agencies, the prospects for the development of automobile production in Ukraine and much more were discussed.