PRINTED CIRCUIT BOARDS Materials for PCB manufacturing

Materials for PCB manufacturing

VD MAIS is the official distributor of Doosan Electro-Materials (South Korea) in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and Moldova. The company has been developing for many years high quality materials for printed circuit boards and electronic devices manufacturing. Stable high quality, wide nomenclature and reasonable prices are the main advantages of Doosan Electro Materials, highly valued all over the world.

Types of dielectrics supplied by VD MAIS

FR4 FR1 CEM 1 AL Base Prepreg

For ordering, we have available metal-clad glass textolite from Doosan Electro-Materials: DS-7408 type FR-4, (Tg ≥140 °C)

DS-7408 1.50 18/18 1220×1020     DS-7408 1.50 35/35 1220×1020     DS-7408 1.50 35/00 1220×1020

DS-7408 1.00 35/35 1220×1020     DS-7408 1.00 35/00 1220×1020     DS-7408 0.80 18/18 1220×1020
DS-7408 0.36 35/35 1220×1020     DS-7408 0.50 35/35 1220×1020     DS-7408 0.50 18/00 1220×1020
DS-7408 0.71 35/35 1220×1020     DS-7408 2.00 35/35 1220×1020     DS-7408 2.00 35/00 1220×1020
DS-7408 2.00 18/18 1220×1020     DS-7408 2.00 70/70 1220×1020     DS-7408 2.00 70/00 1220×1020
DS-7408 0.125 18/00 1220×1020

The production facilities of Doosan Electro-Materials are certified according to the standards: ISO 9001, QS-9000, UL, CSA, BSI, VDE, ISO 14001, SONY Green Partner.

The commissioning of fiberglass is carried out in accordance with IPC-4101A “Specification for Base Materials for Rigid and Multilayer Printed Boards”.

For each delivery, a certificate of factory testing of foil-coated fiberglass is provided.

It is possible to obtain samples of the materials offered.

Prices and detailed technical characteristics of the materials are provided on request.

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