VD MAIS has been one of the first in Ukraine to develop and produce electricity metering devices for the needs of our customers. Our niche in the market is a professional manufacturer of electronic modules and distributor of components, but we have never been competing with our customers at the finished product level.

Our target is to offer manufacturers of electricity, gas, heat, water metering equipment and data collection systems some professional solutions for the production of metering devices, monitoring and dispatching systems.

Measuring instruments for housing and communal services are usually produced in large series. The quality of engineering and technology solutions by VD MAIS is best illustrated by our customers’ huge shipments and sales. Reliable components and a high culture at production, adherence to standards, and thorough quality control at all the stages of production are mandatory conditions. Also, it is required to ensure optimization of costs in the batch production of electronic modules for metering devices, so as to ensure a low cost of final products – this is one of the key requirements of customers in this segment.

VD MAIS offers special conditions for measuring solutions from Analog Devices Inc., which have already passed tests on the Ukrainian market. A wide range of electronic and wireless components in the portfolio allows the company to implement projects of any complexity in the production of measurement and telemetry systems for utilities.

We are proud that our firm has made more than half of the electronic modules of electricity meters produced in Ukraine.


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