VD MAIS in Venice

A delegation from VD MAIS attended 2019 MEAN WELL Distribution Conference in Venice.

VD MAIS в Венеции

2019 MEAN WELL Distributor Conference started on Thursday, May 16 and ended on Sunday, May 19. The business program of the conference was quite saturated; however, the excursion program was in no way inferior to it. This is Venice after all! San Marco, Doge’s Palace, Grand Canal, Laguna, Academy, Rialto Ponte, Correra Museum, Ca ‘d’Oro, Murano and Burano, Santa Maria della Salute, la Fenice, Palazzo Contarini del Bovolo, Arsenal, Fondaco dei Turki, Ponte dei Sospiri, Scuola San Rocco, Palazzo Rezzonico, Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari, Torcello, Santa Maria dei Miracoli, Ka Rezzonico – all these words flow like a song, and once man heard them and saw the majestic Venice he never forgets them !

However, business before pleasure. During the distribution conference, representatives of the largest and most successful partners of MEAN WELL discussed the further development of the supply chains, strategies for expanding market share etc. The manufacturer opened for the partners a veil of secrets over the company’s current product policy, announced new products and priority directions for the development of the product line. Sessions in the conference room were accompanied by numerous meetings on the sidelines of the conference, formal and informal.

The invitation of VD MAIS to the distribution conference in Venice is definitely logical. The global supply chain of MEAN WELL products includes more than 200 distributors, global and national, and, of course, not all of them have the opportunity to participate in events of such level. MEAN WELL is rapidly moving forward and upward, already breaking the bar of $1 billion in annual turnover and climbing on top in the world rankings. The success of the Taiwanese manufacturer is largely based on the success of partner companies and the best of them were invited to share the joy of triumph in the frame of magnificent Venice with MEAN WELL. VD MAIS is among them.

For years, VD MAIS has been a reliable partner of MEAN WELL and has been supplying MEAN WELL products to Ukraine as an official distributor. For the convenience of consumers, the firm has created and maintains in Kyiv a permanent inventory of the most popular series and models of power supplies – for LED lighting and for general industrial use. The firm also provides technical support for customers, advising them directly and publishing a significant number of technical articles, both on the company’s website and in magazines.

With a wide range of LED components from CREE (USA), LEDiL (Finland) and its own highly automated production of LED PCBs in its distribution portfolio, VD MAIS forms a comprehensive offer for the supply of components for manufacturers of LED lighting equipment, thereby providing excellent conditions for expanding the share of MEAN WELL products in the segment of LED drivers on the Ukrainian market. The situation is similar in the segment of industrial power converters – being a supplier of electronic and electrical components for most of the leading enterprises in Ukraine, VD MAIS provides a permanent market growth for MEAN WELL products.

Therefore, VD MAIS specialists visited Venice this year deservedly and with a sense of accomplishment to attend the MEAN WELL distribution conference. Soaked up under the obligatory Venetian rain on San Marco, took a look at the marvelous palazzo and bridges, cathedrals and canals, held business meetings and … in a word, the program was intense, Venice was as never before young and beautiful, and the prospects for the development of MEAN WELL and VD MAIS cooperation – as never before cloudless and promising.

vd-mais-professional-distributorMission of VD MAIS is to grow our partners’ business by delivering modern applications and innovative solutions. We have established ourselves as a provider of complete value offer, starting from R&D and ending at finished electronic module.