VX25 – Rittal holds a technical seminar in VD MAIS

For the first time in Ukraine Rittal, one of the trendsetters on the global market of assembly designs, is introducing a new system of large-size VX25 cabinets.


The less – the better” – this is the philosophy of Rittal and the basis of the VX25 concept. The new cabinet was developed considering maximal simplification the design of systems, their installation and service for customers. What we have as a result?

First, the VX25 design is very flexible, allowing to develop almost any configuration of enclosures for low-voltage switchgears, telecommunication and server cabinets and other applications on the basis of a small number of universal components (relatively small, of course, comparing with the nomenclature of other systems, from Rittal and other manufacturers as well).


Second, the new VX25 cabinets exist not only in material form (by the way, high-quality steel with an anti-corrosion coating and, optionally, stainless steel), but also in digital form, the developers call it a “digital twin” or “digital double”. Using the software platform is a highlight of the VX25, which, according to the manufacturer, should make life much easier for customers even at the design stage. Production capacities and powerful IT system of RITAL itself opens to customers very wide possibilities for customization the order. All is according to Industry 4.0 concept – this new religion of modern manufacturing.


The market needed a switchgear cabinet that reduces design and installation time, reduces complexity and is really integratable  as a complete stand-alone product into digital and production processes,” says Dr. Thomas Steffen, R&D director at Rittal.The brandnew large cabinet Rittal VX25 series is 100% compliant to the requirements of Industry 4.0“.

Third, the developers in the design of the new system made an unprecedented step – they invited customers to participate in the development of new product. Perhaps, this time Rittal even lost a bit at the pace of implementation – the new system was worked over for three years. However, it was worth it. In the course of a large-scale study of the features of the use of mounting structures Rittal experts documented the typical processes of manufacturing control systems, installation and maintenance of switchboards in the written, graphic and video forms. The research was carried out at the facilities of a large number of companies: ten in Germany, eight in the US and six in China. The peculiarities of working with cabinets were studied in the companies varying in scale and nature of production processes.


Analysis of the data obtained by monitoring the equipment used, opened our eyes to many of the shortcomings of the current samples. Some hidden usage problems were discovered, which even users did not fully understand”, Dr. Steffen said.

As a result, the developers have been supplied with 150 specific requirements for the functionality of a new series of projected switchboards, the solution of which provided developers and designers with a solid foundation for innovation. Rittal also supplemented these requirements with the findings of a special commission of customers of Rittal products.

Developers had hard task to solve! A small illustration – 25 patents were received in the course of work on a new series of the enclosures!


The presentation of the new series took place at the end of April this year at the Hannover Messe exhibition in Germany. Since elcomUkraine, the main trade fair of electrical and electronic industries in Ukraine, took place simultaneously in Kiev, pretty few Ukrainian specialists were able to get acquainted with VX25. To make up for this lost, Rittal is presenting the VX25 series for Ukrainian specialists on June 6 in Kiev at VD MAIS HQ. And already on June 7 on the web-site of Rittal there will be an opportunity to make a virtual tour of the VX25 for all visitors (registration is required).

Mechanically VX25 … is not that simple (!!!). Yes, it is very convenient and easy to maintain for customers, but not for Rittal in production, but it’s a headache for Rittal’s production units with their insanely high level of automation and digitalization.

The system of racks and chassis with perforation along the entire length with a pitch of 25 mm, an original system of fastenings and a lot of convenient “little things” that create together a well-designed system allow creating separate cabinets with a height of 1200, 1400, 1600, 1800, 2200 mm, 400, 500, 600 or 800 mm deep and a width of 400, 600, 800, 850, 100, 110 or 1200 mm. Most sizes are available in sheet steel, some – in stainless steel versions.

Very curiously the developers have approached the design of the profile of the racks – it is symmetrical and has a rather complex shape, which, at the same time, is very “thoughtful” and creates a lot of nice options for installers during installation.


Significantly simplified the installation of doors (cabinets allow one-door and two-door versions), installation of grounding, cooling systems … yes, practically everything!

In the new cabinets, the connection of individual cabinets to the line is simplified, the IP protection is smart, the approach to grounding is also interesting. The developers consider that the use of all the functionality – from the configuration of the product and its order through the web-cloud and ending with the convenience of installing “in the field” allows customers to save up to 95% of time during the cycle of creating the LVS based on the VX25. How much real experience of use is in line with the manufacturer’s promises and bright expectations – time will tell. In the meantime, meet a new kid on the block, VX25 comes to Ukraine.


Ask for consulting on the products of Rittal from Electrical-and-Mechanical Components Dep. or from Automation Systems Dep. of VDMAIS – official distributor of Rittal products in Ukraine.